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This is another eco-friendly accessory that will help your washing routine.

Microfleece nappy liners provide a stay dry lining allowing moisture to wick through to the absorbent layers below keeping baby’s skin dry. These liners protect your nappies and are an alternative to flushable/single use liners as they can be washed and resused.

They can help when cleaning up a dirty nappy as they will simply lift out and solid waste just rolls right off them making nappies easier to clean or can be rinsed without having to washout the whole nappy.

We recommend purchasing one liner per nappy you own so that you have one to use in each nappy. Simply lay over the top pocket before putting a nappy on your baby. Just lay them inside any nappy for a stay dry feeling on baby’s bottom, they are hard wearing and dry quickly.

These are all home made so there might be slight variation on sizing 35 cm x 13 cm.

Washing Recommendation.
Wash all solids off and store in dry pail than add to your next load of nappies. Wash them in a wash bag that has a large mesh to allow adequate water flow and agitation. This will also prevent the liners to be sucked into filters or door seals on front loaders.


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